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Summer at Cornerstone

Cornerstone Christian Tykes Preschool serves students 18 months through 5 years old. When enrolling in Tykes, you can choose to register your child for 10 month school year, or all 12 months of the year, including Summer. With Tykes, we offer a structured classroom environment with many hands on activities, one on one teacher interactions and whole child learning all year long.

Cornerstone Christian Academy offers Summer Camp for children ages 5 (going into Kindergarten) through 12 years old. Summer camp has a variety of activities, Special Guests and Field Trips (TBA) creating a fun environment for children to enjoy summer in a safe environment.

Although our current students have priority enrollment for summer, we also have availability for students who do not attend Cornerstone during the school year.

This year, Summer is from 5/31/22-7/29/22

Already a student? You can enroll for Summer camp on your FACTS portal.
Not a student yet? Stop by the Front Office for more details and pick up a Summer Camp Registration packet!