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Tykes Preschool Age Groups

Age Group: Beginners: 18+ months
Age Group: Jr. Preschool: 2 years old by first day of school
Age Group: Preschool: 3 years old by first day of school & potty trained
Age Group: Pre-K- 4 years old by first day of school & potty trained


It is our goal to promote a physical, social, emotional and intellectual foundation needed to foster a positive learning environment for all children on our campus. Students will explore using all senses in learning as they discover the world around them. Tykes provides a developmentally appropriate structured environment where children are encouraged to practice making decisions which fosters independence and problem solving skills allowing for us to provide an intentionally loving, Christian atmosphere.

Teacher Qualifications

We employ educated Early Childhood Teachers. Our teachers demonstrate longevity and loyalty to Cornerstone. Teachers attend at least 24+ hours of annual ECE training and maintain state licensing requirements. There are at least 2 teachers in each classroom, keeping our ratios lower than the State of Nevada Child Care Licensing requires. Low ratios allow for relationship building, higher safety standards & high quality learning environments.


We offer an emerging curriculum involving differentiation, process art, science & sensory experiences, fine & gross motor development, math, writing and early literacy. We also integrate the State of Nevada Infant & Toddler Guidelines & State of Nevada Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines into our weekly Lesson Plans.

Tykes has created a unique Bible Curriculum, consisting of Bible stories based on Fruits of the Spirit that are interwoven with our social/emotional curriculum. This curriculum is used in all of our age groups and focuses on developing Christ-like character traits.

We use the Pre-K Engage New York Math curriculum alongside the Handwriting without Tears as our handwriting and phonics curriculum. We offer (not required) homework for Preschool and Pre-K students who would like the opportunity to practice skills at home.

Tykes Preschool has also created its very own Social Emotional curriculum focusing on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Each one of these learning objectives are tied to Nevada State standards.

We use the above mentioned curriculum and differentiate our activities based on individual needs. We are able to meet each child where they are at, and challenge them academically while also fostering their social-emotional skills. We provide a loving and safe environment to promote whole-child development.

Love & Logic

Tykes Preschool implements the philosophy of Love & Logic in all of our classrooms. Each teacher is trained in these principles using empathy while providing natural consequences. This helps children grow and learn through their mistakes while promoting self-help and regulation skills.

A Sneak Peek into what Love and Logic is about….

Shared Control – Gain control by giving away the control you don’t need or don’t have

Shared Decision Making – Provide opportunities for children to do more of the thinking and decision making with limits.

Consequences & Empathy – An absence of anger allows children to think and learn from their mistakes.

Self-Concept – Increased self-concept leads children to improved behavior and success.

There are 2 general rules in Love & Logic….

  1. Teachers/Parents set firm limits in loving ways without anger, lecture or threats.
  2. When a child causes a problem, the adult hands it back in loving ways offering choices within limits and using enforceable statements.

We offer Love and Logic training each year for our parents and staff. We encourage families to attend the training series at least once in order to partner together and bridge the gap from home to school. Expectations are set so that children will gain independence and responsibility for their choices.


  • Chapel includes praise and worship, prayer and tithing and an object lesson which is tied to scripture emphasizing the Fruits of the Spirit & Character development.
  • Preschool and Pre-K students attend chapel every Tuesday, while Beginners and Jr. Preschool students stay in their own classroom for Chapel.
  • Every month children are encouraged to learn a new Bible Verse that relates to our monthly Fruit of the Spirit character.
  • Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend.
  • Tykes Preschool has developed our very own Bible curriculum that is interwoven with our monthly Chapel Challenge and Social-Emotional curriculum.

What makes Tykes Preschool excellent?

  • Each age group focuses on DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practices) that lays the foundation for future learning
  • Rated in the TOP 1% of all licensed ECE centers in Nevada
  • Achieving ACSI Accreditation alongside the Academy
  • Enrichment Activities offered after school including Dance, Soccer & Intro to Musical Theater on campus
  • Appropriately structured classroom environment
  • Committed to building positive relationships with our students & families
  • A whole child approach to learning allows our students to develop into responsible, creative citizens of our community.
  • Flexible scheduling, you can choose 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week (scheduling varies based on availability)
  • Flexible hours, you can choose to have your child attend Half Days 8am-12pm or Full Days 8am-3pm.
  • Extended Care options available for working families

What makes us exceptional?

  • Our teacher-to-child ratio and group sizes are smaller than licensing requires. With at least two teachers in every classroom, we can foster closer relationships with the students. More individual attention promotes collaboration, whether through small groups or individual learning sessions that cater to differentiated instruction.
  • Discipline is based on positive guidance, which teaches children conflict resolution skills and natural consequences’ love and logic’ approach.
  • Our philosophy of teaching to the whole child is often experienced with hands- on learning activities that engage our students, creating an awareness of the world around them.
  • We encourage our students to develop into competent, productive and creative citizens through standards of excellence and spiritual exposure.

We believe in Open Communication

We encourage a respectful and open dialogue with the families we serve. Through daily and weekly communication, we aim to involve parents in their children’s day to day experiences. Our goal is to provide a campus where parents, teachers and administrators partner together to ensure the success of each student we serve. Some of the tools we use to help communicate are as follows:

  • HiMama daily reports about your child’s day, sent straight to your email or download the app!
  • Little Cougar News- our weekly newsletter sent to your email
  • FACTS Family Portal- Everything you need to know about your account, resources and enrollment
  • Every classroom has an email and a phone extension for convenient access to your child’s classroom and teachers
  • Open Door Policy for current families
  • Parent/Teacher communication face to face at drop off & pick up

Tykes Preschool Quick Facts

  • Tykes teachers are Pediatric CPR and First Aid certified
  • Licensed through State of Nevada Childcare Licensing
  • Priority Enrollment into CCA Kindergarten
  • ACSI Accredited
  • Lunch is cooked in an “A” rated kitchen for children 3+ years old, for an extra fee. Parents may either bring a lunch or purchase hot lunches in advance.
  • Snacks – Morning & Afternoon snacks are provided.
  • Our teacher to child ratio is exceptionally low. With at least two full-time teachers to a classroom, our teachers can build a closer relationship with each student.
  • Discipline is based on positive guidance, teaching children conflict resolution skills and the Love & Logic approach of natural consequences, along with Conscious Discipline.
  • Intentionally loving and caring Christian atmosphere.
  • By scheduling special guests, field trips and community partnerships, we encourage our students to understand and respect the world around them.
  • Nap Time – We are required by Licensing to offer a Nap/Rest time in each class. If your child chooses to stay awake, we can offer them quiet activities to complete on their nap mats.
  • Potty training is provided in our Beginners and Jr Preschool classrooms. Children MUST be potty trained to enter Preschool & Pre-K.
  • On-site full-time nurse