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Middle School 6th-8th

Middle School Overview

-6th-8th grades are capped at 25 students per class.
-Our teachers utilize current curriculum and strategies to differentiate learning to help guide every student toward their full potential.
-CCA Teachers are licensed through the State of Nevada or qualify through the state licensing statute NAC394.050.
-Teachers are CPR and First Aid certified
-Love & Logic Discipline Principles -If the occasion arises that a student needs to be disciplined, our teachers utilize the Love & Logic approach, implementing logical consequences allowing the child to connect the infraction with real life.
-ACSI Accredited



Core subjects for instruction include: Language Arts, Differentiated Math (honors or Grade Level). Social Studies, Bible and Science.
Reading & Language Arts:
Provides systematic and explicit instruction in key literacy skills at each grade level.
Instruction focuses on: vocabulary development, comprehension skills and strategies, fluency, decoding, spelling, grammar, as well as writing.
Grades 6-8: Students move to the study of selected classic novels, which continues to be relevant to today’s students. The writing traits of: evidence, organization, purpose, elaboration, development, and conventions are extended and refined. All grades introduce many cross-curricular ties to science, social studies, the arts, and sports.
Problem-solving strategies are taught using a concrete-pictorial-abstract learning progression. Real-world and hands-on experiences are integrated into every unit of study. Students are exposed to essential questions, which gives reasons for math, as well as learning key math vocabulary.
Health (Family Life) is required for all 8th grade students.
Physical Education
Students can explore a host of interests at CCA from Robotics, Culinary arts, dancing, drama, video production, Student Aid to name a few.


4th-8th grades students have the opportunity to try-out for all sports offered regardless of athletic ability. Students gain confidence, skill and knowledge while gaining an understanding of team building and cooperation. The sports we offer include soccer, flag football, basketball and volleyball. We rely heavily on Parent Volunteers. CCA students (4th-8th grades) have the opportunity to try-out for all sports offered regardless of athletic ability. Students gain confidence, skill and knowledge while gaining an understanding of team building and cooperation.

The sports that we offer can vary year to year, for more information, click on our Extended Care & Extra Curricular tab!


Devotion to our Lord is an integral part of our school. Students attend a weekly Chapel service and Grade Level Christian Education Classes. Chapel includes praise, worship, prayer, devotion, singing, scripture and sharing God’s love. Lessons are always prepared inter-denominationally, focusing solely on biblical truths non-denominational doctrine. Tithing is an important part of worship, offerings are encouraged and collected each week to support various missions of the school and/or church. Parents are welcome to attend Chapel. Biblical principals are also integrated throughout the curriculum and classroom environment daily.

Middle School Extra Curricular Options

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS):
NJHS instills a higher level of accountability and opportunity for leadership at CCA. This program is available for 7th & 8th grade students who have a 3.5 GPA or higher. Students MUST meet the requirements of service, leadership skills, character & citizenship to be considered.

Student Leadership:
Educational Leadership is a mentor program where students learn the aspects of leadership through the student body. Students learn that they can be a voice for others, and serve to make improvements for their school, student population, and the community.

Student Outreach:
Middle School students are required to participate in two school planned service projects per school year earning them service hours.

Life After Cornerstone:
Cornerstone graduates are consistently accepted to the top private and magnet schools in Las Vegas such as Bishop Gorman, Faith Lutheran. CCA students benefit from priority placement at each private school.